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We specialise in Aerospace CNC machining. Our team is determined to work effectively and adopt the most rational decision while working with complex tasks and solving problems. Our specialist teams have developed highest quality EU standard expertise in aircraft wheel and break MRO. We work with commercial and corporate aircrafts.

Aircraft brakes maintenance

Aircraft wheels maintenance



Part-145 Certificate ref.: LT.145.028

ISO9001:2015 Certificate no: EU.ISO9001.088 | EU.ISO9001.089

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Impeccable business reputation has been built by the highest qualification employees - highly skilled professionals that are not afraid of complex and precision asking tasks.

Newest technology

Our company uses newest technology and the latest equipment for our daily production processes.


Our specialists have gathered enormous amount of experience and knowledge in aviation, aircraft maintenance, and metalworking industries.


Our company's aim is to be the leading aviation maintenance and metalworking organisation in Europe. We value our clients & our reputation.

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